Digital Real Estate Conference


Digital Real Estate Conference

Introduction speech: Paul Stasse, partner ACMG

Good morning and welcome everyone. Let me give you a little context about why we at acmg are hosting this conference today, with tremendous help from Proptechlab.

Anchored in the realities of our work, helping investors & developers make sure their projects run on time & on budget
We also want to keep an eye on the horizon to be more efficient in what we do. Which is why we have teamed up with la foncière numérique in order to address our clients’ digital strategy.

We believe we need to make real estate more fluid.

While we are working on brick and mortar projects, designing, building & managing these bricks involves a vast number of stakeholders that have all grown to control, manage and sell their know-how through data.

This has resulted in an industry that is not agile, not transparent and hard to grasp without these experts.

Very much like the financial world that has gone through the same transformation, the disruptive approach of PropTech players focuses on what the market demands, and it is rocking our old habits.

While addressing tomorrow’s challenges, we are living in a fast-changing world where everything we produce has an impact, and real estate is the biggest impact of all. Just think that the number of buildings in the world is going to double by 2060. That’s the equivalent of building another new york city every month for the next 40 years!

That image alone drives all of us to try and better understand WHAT we are building, and WHY we are building it… Not just for the financial gains.

Optimized design, more efficient construction, sustainable materials banks, recycling, better monitoring of use… By seamlessly managing all the data, we make real estate more accessible, more agile, more adaptable and more connected – for transformation and for transactions.

We can thus focus on the essentiel – to build better for the future while maintaining the financial returns.

We can’t wait to change the industry only by building new buildings, we also need to address the existing ones, offering that transparency and fluidity so that owners and users can focus their energy and resources on making them suitable for their use.

At the end of the day, the digital era is taking real estate back to its roots, to its core meaning. Making buildings to live, work and play, and have meaningful experiences. We need to view technology as an opportunity to get there faster. Thats why WE believe that data is gold and making it easily accessible every step of the way is essential.

We are very happy to discuss with you this morning all these aspects with key players: owners, users, BEFIMMO and Silversquare and new solution providers la foncière numérique and Edge Technologies that are addressing these opportunities right now.

Thank you for sharing with us this morning.

We are all participating in the evolution of our cities, here is a short clip that sets the stage.

Paul Stasse